1. This is a little photoshop side project i’ve been working on. The premise is what if the Tardis mixes up control rooms on the classic Doctor’s. The Tardis has hinted in the past that the old Control Rooms are never deleted just archived. She has also said due to the fact it’s a time machine she has also archived Control Rooms that haven’t been created yet.  

  4. Goldfinger. 

    This is probably my favorite book of the entire #007 series. The movie also sticks fairly close to the book. The book is much darker. When Bond thinks he’s about to be tortured to death he sees no way out and tries to kill himself by holding his own breath. After barely surviving that Bond must quickly foil a plot to rob Fort Knox and stop the death 40,000 people by nerve toxin. This book has scene after great scene including the famous golf game at St Andrew’s against Goldfinger.

  5. ThunderBall. When a British Vindicator bomber is hijacked and its Nuclear Warheads are stolen the is West is ransomed into pay billions or face the destruction of a major city. 007 tracks a lead on the stolen bombs to the Caribbean. There along with his old friend Felix Leiter they find the stolen Vindicator bomber sunk in shallow water. This leads to a brutal underwater fight where Bond is pitted against his newest and mostly deadly enemy. The SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, or S.P.E.C.T.R.E

  6. Continuing on designing modern day book covers for my Ian Fleming Bond novels i present,  ”From Russia with Love”.  By far the best written of the #007 novels it was also listed by President Kennedy’s as one of his top 10 favorite books, and Fleming his favorite author.  The first 1/4 of the book Felming writes in great details about the life and horrors of living in the Russian KGB. The story revolves around the Russian’s deciding they need a major victory against the west so they decide to take out England’s top agent.  For the Russian’s its just not enough to assassinate  Bond, this conspiracy involves staging a sexual blackmail and murder suicide to disgrace the Double O  agent.  In the re-imaging of these covers I try to keep the tone of the story, the perceived color palette i see in my head, and most of all the Bond Girl and Villain from the movie adaptation.  In this case I made sure to keep Robert Shaw’s chilling performance as the Soviet’s chief Chief Executioner,  Red Grant, or Red Granitza or “The Red Granite Man”.  

  7. This is a side project i’ve been working on 15 min  a night for the last 3 weeks. Before Elysium or Halo, #SciFi artist have been dreaming of a 100 mile long spinning ringed space station where humanity could leave in peace and luxury. 

  8. to celebrate this achievement i’m posting storyboarding side project i did 2 years ago to one of my favorite shows of all time, The Prisoner from 1967. At only 17 episodes its still one of the best and strangest shows Ive ever seen

  9. The Basic Premise our hero , whose name is never given, a member of the secret service.

  10. He resigns one day over a reason which remains secret.

  11. He packs his bag to leave town

  12. An unknown force drugs him and he wakes up in a exact duplicate of his apartment. Only its in a Mystery Village somewhere

  13. He given a number, six . He fights the forces that hold him in the Village

  14. Trying to find the ultimate secret, if he is Number Six, then who is Number One

  15. 3 #character paintings. Wish I had time to tell you the story, it’s great.